Nifra – Never Forget

Release date: 2017-08-21

On the worldwide DJ circuit in recent times, no female has waved the flag for trance as proudly and prominently as Nifra. But as part of her growth and development towards the endearing person she is today, she remains mindful of her geographical roots, and pays homage to her younger Slovakian years through Never Forget.

Nifra’s passion has been demonstrated with exuberance throughout her palette of production; often signaling for the most soaring of peaks in an evening. With Never Forget however, there is a more pensive approach; releasing that pressure button as an evening transitions towards night. A menacing bassline dominates almost from the outset, giving way to a striking melodic pattern which lingers in the mind.

Already receiving approval by the thousands in attendance at Tomorrowland for Markus Schulz’s performance, Never Forget is ready to embrace the present with memories of the past, and adds depth to the splendor of Nifra.