Nifra – Resistance (NOMADsignal Remix)

Release date: 2022-04-22

With the recent release of Nifra‘s Follow Me III mix compilation, dedicated followers to the series will have identified the bridge piece between chapters two and three; the anthemic Resistance.

Listening attentively, its melody captivated the mind of one of Coldharbour‘s euphoric techno wizards in NOMADsignal, who embarked on what was originally intended to be nothing more than a bootleg-minded effort.

However, The result proved to be an instant hit with Markus Schulz, who utilised it as a festival exclusive for an extensive period, including the EDC editions in Las Vegas and Mexico City. For Nifra, it proved valuable in setting the early tone for what Follow Me III would entail, and only adds to NOMADsignal‘s ever increasing rapport within the industry.