SMR LVE – To The Stars (The Remixes Part Two)

Release date: 2022-06-17

The second extensive pack of remixes from SMR LVE’s To the Stars album has arrived, boasting no less than thirteen options, and featuring a variety of styles.

The Toronto-based outfit cast a wide net of friends and colleagues for contributions. It has yielded a strong wave in the uplifting realm, featuring the likes of Daniel Kandi on the Christina Novelli-featured Sanctuary, and Hit the Bass on That Girl’s wonders of Forever.

If you like things a little slower-paced, Zack Evans on Show Me the Light and D72’s future rave explorations in Through the Fire will appeal.

Complimented with plentiful options on album favorites such as Beautiful and Help Me Believe, it brings the curtain down on SMR LVE’s To the Stars project. It was a journey worth undertaking.