The Nine Skies Remixes

Release date: 2018-12-21

Markus Schulz may have highlighted the breadth of 2018 with his We Are the Light album project. However, for our final release of the year, we re-open the story which initially ran hand-in-hand, and in time, catalysed WATL. That project of course was created under his alternative Dakota alias, with the conceptual album The Nine Skies, and it comes under focus again with fresh remixes of three integral pieces.

Rising UK talent Daxson handles one of the most well received tracks within The Nine Skies, in the form of the emotionally-driven Searching. Already having secured plaudits throughout the year with his original Blackcard, his remix of Searching maintains the soul of the original, while providing it with a clubbier punch.

The same can be said of Anske, who takes the more-progressive bearing In Search of Something Better, and converts it into a stomper; much in the vein of the menacing Powerball from earlier in the year. And rounding off the package is the ever-impressive Jordan Suckley; applying a faster tempo and harder edge to previous Transmission anthem The Spirit of the Warrior.

Three remixes all with their own individual appeal, and marks the finale in terms of original content from Coldharbour for 2018.