Anske (Andrej Anskinas) – a mastermind “that has the right set of skills for producing big tunes” (Beatsmedia, 2014) is arguably Lithuania’s leading Trance artist.

Offering a dreamy yet ‘driving’ Trance style, often combined with other dance genres, Anske is currently working with an international artist agency ‘Evolved Artists’. Furthermore, he is consistently releasing ‘choons’ with such giants like ‘Enhanced’ and ‘Coldharbour Recordings’, run by America’s #1 DJ 2014 – Markus Schulz.

Although a newcomer to the Trance scene, Andrej has already grabbed the attention of labels and fans alike in the beginning of 2010 with a track ‘When It Was a Secret’. With his melodies and ‘massive gems’, Anske became frequently featured on popular radio shows like ‘A State Of Trance, ‘Global DJ Broadcast’ and ‘Intercity’. However, the greatest achievement that makes Anske proud today is having his ‘Dreamcatcher’ and ‘Vilnius’ included on the ‘In Search Of Sunrise 12 – Dubai’ CD compilation, originated by Tiesto. Intriguing times are ahead as Andrej is to launch his radio show in early 2015.

Additionally, Anske has a lot of collaborations coming up and planned with bigger names in 2015. With the intentions to grow and going international in 2015 Anske really wants to make it big this upcoming year. He produces hit after hit and has also released on Lange’s best of 2014 album.

Keep an eye on him, because it won’t be long before Anske will make it to the international charts.


  1. Anske – Heavenly Cake Anske 12/01/2023

  2. Anske – Confidence Anske 04/28/2023

  3. AN93 – Icebreaker AN93 03/10/2023

  4. AN93 – Spacewarp AN93 10/07/2022