Markus Schulz

Forged in the fires of Arizona’s seminal 90s rave scene, Markus Schulz first went state, then national and with equal pace, international. From the building blocks of progressive, trance & house, he crafted early anthems like ‘The New World’ and latter-day ones like ‘Destiny’. Caught between have been many a revered album (most recently Dakota’s ‘The Nine Skies’ and ‘We Are The Light’), a convoy of club hits and thousands of mesmeric performances, played out before untold millions. He’s helmed the scene-essential Coldharbour Recordings label for 13 years, chaired the Global DJ Broadcast radio show for 17 and remixed everyone from Moroder to Madonna. Markus has scaled the upper reaches of the world’s DJ rankings and charts; is a three-time winner of DJ Times’ America’s Best DJ crown (’12, ’14 & ‘18) and has drawn acclaim from every electronic music portal & press outlet on the planet. His seventh artist album ‘We Are The Light’ was released to critical acclaim in the final quarter of 2018.


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